Global Warming Hoax Debunked: Sea Ice Levels Hit Record Low

If anyone has any doubt if global warming is real or not, this must convince them. According to climate scientists at NASA, sea ice levels have hit record lows in both the Antarctic and the Arctic. This may have left the global warming hoax debunked for people like Donald Trump who does not believe in climate change.

An alarming trend has been the water temperate in the Arctic Ocean. It has been several degrees higher than the average. That is why a low level of sea ice is expected in the region. The Arctic record has been consistently declining over the past few years. So, this does not come unexpected.

What surprises scientists is the Antarctic records. According to the most recent findings, the sea ice at the Antarctic has been expanding.

Global warming skeptics have also used the Southern Hemisphere as an argument to prove that climate change is not real. Between 2012 and 2014, the ice gain in the region has hit record high. But, that seems to be a thing of the past. It leaves global warming hoax debunked as climate change is apparently affecting the Antarctic as well.

So far, scientists have had the belief that the reason behind the Antarctic ice gain is natural fluctuation in the atmosphere. It is still early to come to conclusion. But, if the low ice gain continues in the Antarctic, it may become a trend and cause the region to melt significantly.

In the Arctic, the sun is heating up the deeper water more in summer due to the lack of ice. When ice is present, the heat gets deflected back into space. However, this causes a feedback loop, and scientists have been warning about it for a while now.

"The interaction between Arctic ocean temperatures and the loss of ice formation leading to continuing record minimums is clearly a climate change signal," CNN quoted Thomas Mote, a geography research professor at the University of Georgia, as saying.

US President-elect Donald Trump has claimed that climate change is a hoax. He is likely to pull Washington out of the Paris Climate Agreement and stop paying the UN for its climate change projects, the BBC reported. It will be interesting to see ff the recent finding leaves global warming hoax debunked for Trump.

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