GoPro Recalls Karma Gives Away Hero 5 In Return

GoPro is softening the blow of the Karma recall by offering another drone camera for free. Karma owners who return the controversial drone will receive a Hero 5 in return.

It was not so long ago that GoPro made news with the release of its Karma drone which was supposed to be one of the best of its kind. But as fate would have it, the Karma literally and figuratively fell to the ground.

Because of power issues, a number of Karma drones supposedly crash landed. According to reports, the drones lost power mid-flight due to battery problems.

GoPro got clever by offering disgruntled Karma owners a new Hero 5 drone, which retails around $400, to appease them. In a way, the company managed to turn a dire situation into a brilliant customer service move.

The company made an announcement detailing how Karma drone owners can receive a brand new Hero 5 in exchange for their recalled drones.

Here's how the announcement went:

"You have received an email from us last week announcing the recall of Karma.

As part of our refund and recall program, we are offering you a complimentary HERO5 Black upon return of your Karma with all accompanying parts and accessories. The camera will begin shipping mid-December. To initiate your reimbursement process and get your FREE HERO5 Black, please call 1-866-886-3001 or visit GoPro, as always, is committed to providing you with the best customer experiences."

There are a few concerns with the recall and the free device, however. In the post t is not clear whether Karma owners outside of the United States can also avail of the free device.

It remains to be seen if the gesture will sway customers from purchasing other brands. DJI has been fiercely active lately with the release of a couple of new drones on top of those the company released within the year.

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