Apple To Fix 'Touch Disease' for iPhone 6 Plus Smartphones

Apple has acknowledged the structural problem with its smartphone iPhone 6 Plus model which causes the unit's screen to freeze and become unresponsive. As a solution, Apple is now offering a repair for some iPhones 6 Plus that are performing the "touch disease." It is a problem in which a flickering bar appears at the top of a device's display and its touch screen stops responding even you touch it.

Apple To Fix 'Touch Disease' for iPhone 6 Plus Smartphones

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, lthough the existence of the issue had been known for months, Apple had refused to acknowledge that it was widespread or offer any solution beyond its standard out-of-warranty replacement service. The problem has been dubbed "Touch Disease" by the iFixit repair advocacy group after it found the faulty chips became loose in August.

"Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or multi-touch issues after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device," Apple said on its website. Touch disease is also reported to affect regular iPhone 6 devices, but Apple did not immediately respond to an inquiry about whether it would be offering similar discounts on repairs for that model.

Fixing The Touch Disease For iPhone 6 Plus

The tech company will repair iPhone 6 Plus devices with the issue for only $149, as reported by UPI. The said repair does not apply to the smaller iPhone 6, such as iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S. The series of Apple iPhone 6 was released more than two years ago, and it's standard warranty is 90 days.

Touch Disease" has accounted for up to 22 percent of repairs at Apple Stores after the problem was revealed, according to tech site Apple Insider. Apple says it will reimburse users if they already fixed their devices through Apple service providers.


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