Bethesda Head Todd Howard Amazed By Nintendo Switch; AAA Games From The Developer Might Have A Higher Chance Entering The Console

The first trailer of Nintendo Switch definitely brings hype for everyone. It includes the head of Bethesda, Todd Howard, who is amazed in the upcoming console. Due to this, fans around are now getting their hopes even higher, as Bethesda might actually put big titles in the console.

What Could The Interest Of Bethesda Head Todd Howard Bring To The Nintendo Switch?

According to Howard's interview from GIixel, he confirms that he really love the Nintendo Switch, as well as confirming that it has one of the best demos he has ever seen. This gives a bit of light to the AAA games of Bethesda. It may also be a good reason for big Bethesda games to hit the new console. Todd might really invest hugely in this console, due to the fact that it is now one of the much-awaited gaming systems today. Fans might be able to see such great Bethesda games in the future for Nintendo Switch.

Chance Are Getting Higher For The AAA Games Of Bethesda To Enter Nintendo Switch?

Today, Skyrim and Fallout fans can only hope for their favorite games to enter the upcoming game system. Knowing that Skyrim is not yet announced for Nintendo Switch, Bethesda already confirms their support to the console. Due to this, fans are now expecting that Bethesda might now be planning an AAA game release on it. The trailer of the upcoming game system that shows a gameplay for Skyrim, is still a huge thing for all the fans. However, there are more Bethesda titles about to come in the future.

Nintendo Switch will be available in March 2017. A specific release date is yet to be revealed. More information can be expected in January, when the Japanese company is set to divulge mode details.

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