Facebook's Find Free Wi-Fi App: Useful Or Not?

For some people, having an internet connection is a must have, especially if it's about business transactions. The same can be said for people who are into online games and social media sites. This is why Facebook is taking it a step further of helping people with their needs by launching a new feature that will help people find free Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.

Facebook's Find Free Wi-Fi App

According to a written article at NDTV, Facebook is apparently testing a new feature on its app that pinpoints the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot on the map. Though this may be very helpful and pretty exciting to hear, the new feature is available to a handful of lucky mobile app users only. It is also reported that the new feature is for iOS users only.

How To Use It

In the mobile Facebook app, users will see the "Find Wi-Fi" option listed under the menu option. Once the user turns it on, the new feature will point out on their map the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot available in the area. It will also give the user directions on how to get to the location.

Facebook's New Feature For Android Users

Currently, there are no reports or any announcements released by Facebook if the new feature will be available to Android users. But fans and critics believe that Facebook will eventually make the new feature available for Android user. The only question is when.

Facebook New Feature Useful?

In a way it is a big help to people because deny it or not, the internet plays a big role in people's lives right now. Whether it's because of career reasons (like YouTubers right now), business transactions, entertainment, maintaining connections with family and friends, that alone proves how important the internet is. But of course, just like a double-edged sword, it has exposed us to new problems such as cyber-attacks and much more.

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