Ubisoft Will Not Sell DLCs Anymore

Selling DLCs or downloadables after launching the game has become a common practice in the gaming industry. However, one of the industry's biggest game publishers seemed like it is going away with it. French game publisher Ubisoft said it will not sell DLCs anymore. Well, not really all but some DLCs.

According to Ubisoft, that they are planning to move forward and part of the plan is not selling extensions that is essential to the core of the game. The decision came after saying they want to support their game titles for up to ten years using free downloadables and extensions.

"The key is if it’s not adding something on top of the actual experience of the game, then it is no good. Because you’ll be asking for more money for the wrong reasons. Also, if the content is compulsory for the gamers, it’s no good as well. It is a way to deliver more fun to gamers, but they have a choice to go for that extra fun or not," said Ubisoft VP of live operations, Anne Blondel-Jouin.

She compared their move to an amusement park where people can go through all the rides for free after purchasing the pass. However, they have to pay when they want to eat or buy other merchandise or souvenirs.

The company must have seen how it worked through one of its popular games, Rainbow Six: Siege. The game has released quite a few number of DLC maps since its release. However, it does not cost gamers any single penny to download them. On the other hand, it has micro-transactions for character and weapon customization. Even if the player does not purchase them, it does not affect their whole gaming experience.

Aside from that, Ubisoft has also announced that it is not doing scripted narratives anymore but wants each of its game title to be its own.

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