iPhone 7 Deals In UK And US Are Steal Deals, Apple Re-joins Black Friday Tradition

iPhone 7 Deals In UK And US Are Steal Deals, Apple Re-joins Black Friday Tradition
Shoppers of Apple products have a lot to look forward to this Black Friday season. Photo : Apple / YouTube

The iPhone 7 being one of the most popular smartphones this year, has been awaited by shoppers this Black Friday season. We have all known and loved the iPhones for their premium feels and high-end features. However, not everyone is willing to splurge their savings into mere smartphones no matter how topnotch these gadgets may be. Luckily for everyone, Black Friday is here and it brings in different deals for shoppers of every kind. If you're in the market for an iPhone 7, here are the deals for you.

Apple iPhone 7 Black Friday Deals In UK

One of the iPhone 7 deals this season allows UK customers to wipe off £125 off of the 32 GB iPhone's upfront costs and take the smartphone for just £75 upfront. A monthly payment of just £30.99 on EE is necessary but this also includes 5 GB of data with unlimited texts and calls. Do take note that buying the phone at its original price costs £599 making this deal a really good one for budget shoppers. To avail of this deal, use the voucher code BLACKNOV125, Tech Radar reported.

Needless to say, you can also opt for a bigger upfront cost of a smaller monthly charge. You can pay £125 upfront and pay £25.99 monthly for 2 GB data and unlimited calls and texts. The voucher code to use to avail this deal is BLACKNOV32. Another version of this iPhone sale is having to pay £150 upfront but this time for a more superior model of the iPhone 7 which is the 128 GB variant. It also includes unlimited texts and calls with 5 GB data for a monthly fee of £30.99. The voucher code for this deal is BLACKNOV100.

So far those are the best deals for iPhone 7 shoppers in the UK this year. However, if you're looking to get an iPhone 7 Plus, there is also a good deal for you. This Black Friday 2016 iPhone deal is from EE and mobiles.co.uk and it involves a 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus. All you need to do is pay £150 upfront and get 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2 GB worth of data for £33.99 a month.

Apple iPhone 7 Black Friday Deals In US

Apple has released teaser emails and a new Black Friday webpage to inform every one of their Black Friday plans. As per the company's teaser page, there will be a one-day shopping event on November 25. Do take note that Apple did not participate in the 2015 Black Friday sale but luckily the company changed its mind this year.

As per Mac Rumors, the 2016 Apple Black Friday sale is available both online and in stores. There will also be a two-day delivery for all in-stock products that are ordered before five o'clock in the afternoon. Furthermore, Apple will close on November 24 but many of its stores across the country will be up and running by eight in the morning of Black Friday. Needless to say, it's still uncertain whether or not iPhone 7 devices will also be put on sale.

Nonetheless, a large number of US retailers are also joining in the Black Friday fun, Inquisitr reported. Best Buy, eBay, US carriers and more are all offering promotions for the iPhone 7. Best Buy offers up to $250 worth of gift card for the purchase of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. An eBay seller also sells unlocked iPhone 7 devices with discounts ranging from $29 to $49.

Apple Participates in 2016 Black Friday

It's interesting to see Apple re-joining the Black Friday tradition this year, although we may never know what changed their minds. Hopefully it's not because of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' failure to reach expected sales. Nevertheless, let's just keep our fingers crossed that Apple's Black Friday event is a worth the fans' time.

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