Google Glass, Now For Both Eyes!

A patent for the recent displayed Google Glass has been leaked, according to sources.

This time it appears that Google will make use of both of the augmented reality glasses' lenses, allowing those who wear the device to see virtual images through both eyes. The patent was discovered by PatentBolt and shows a picture of the glasses. They basically look like regular glasses with the obvious exception that the lenses are to be used as displays. It is believed that Sergey Brin is leading the project.

PatentBolt notes that Google will most likely have some difficulty with the glasses in aligning two separate virtual projections into one image. However, the leaked images indicate that Glass 2.0 will be closer to a complete computer than the current model, which is certainly something to get excited about.

"Now Google Glass Part 2 is in the works which is about dual eye displays known as binocular Head Mounted Displays," PatentBolt's blog says. "This type of Glass holds a few more challenges concerning the perfecting of alignment so that computer graphics images (CGIs) projected onto the lenses are correct for both the right and left lenses. To achieve this, specialized lasers have been designed to pull it off just right. You know it's a serious project at Google when its co-founder Sergey Brin is the lead inventor."

Google's contest is still open until Feb. 27 for interested consumers to get a chance to have a beta version of the glasses. Those who win the contest will be able to buy the glasses for $1,500. Google also held two "hackathon" events in New York and San Francisco in support of the product. They also launched a website whereby different people wearing the glasses demonstrated the different ways in which they could be used. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing a pair on a New York subway on Jan. 21. 

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