Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Choosing The Better Legendary, Solgaleo vs. Lunala

Almost a week after the Pokemon Sun and Moon release and we can still see more of the hype. Well, it's basically understandable as these recently released RPG games were dubbed as the "most pre-ordered games" for the Nintendo 3DS. And we have to admit, these latest Pokemon games were incredibly fun and we are sure you can't wait to try the other (if you are playing Pokemon Sun, wait till you get to play Pokemon Moon, or vice versa). Anyway, whichever game you are currently on, we are sure that one of the factors that influence your choice would have to be their version exclusive Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun's Legendary is Solgaleo while for Pokemon Moon, you'd have Lunala. Since these are Legendary, we already have a grasp that both of these Pokemon are super strong but still, you can't just help asking, which is better: Solgaleo or Lunala? Anyway, if you haven't bought any of the games yet, this article is definitely for you.

Pokemon Sun - Solgaleo

If you choose Pokemon Sun, you'd get Solgaleo as your Legendary Pokemon. Under the Sunne Pokemon category, Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel Type Pokemon which means it may be defenseless against Ground, Fire, Ghost and Dark type Pokemon. Solgaleo has a base stat of 680. It has an equal HP and Attack of 137 and a defense stat of 107. While its Speed may be just at 97 and a lower Special Defense stat of 89, its Special Attack stat is still incredible at 113.

If you have Solgaleo as your Legendary in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is definitely recommended to use its natural Attack rather than the Special Attack as it obviously can give more damage. Solgaleo is also known for its Full Metal Body ability wherein its stats will not be reduced after being attacked by the opponent. Its signature move is the Sunsteel Strike which charges the enemy with a force so strong that it is similar to a meteor, resulting to disregarding the opponent's ability.

Pokemon Moon - Lunala

For those who are more enchanted with Pokemon Moon, you'd get Lunala as your Legendary Pokemon. While this Legendary may have lesser type weaknesses compared to Solgaleo, Lunala actually receives more heavier damage when attacked by Dark and Ghost types. Similar to its Pokemon Sun counterpart, Lunala has a base stat of 680.

Lunala has a stronger Special Attack compared to Solgaleo with 137 and a Special Defense of 107. It also has an equal speed of 97 but much lower Attack and Defense stats with 113 and 89, respectively. This version-exclusive Legendary also comes with 137 HP.

This Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon has Shadow Shield as its ability wherein it will take less damage from an attack as long as it has a full HP. Lunala also boasts off its Moongeist Beam Attack as its signature move wherein it releases a perilous beam of light which disregards the enemy's ability.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Solgaleo vs Lunala

As we can observe Solgaleo vs Lunala stats, Lunala has better Special moves compared to that of Solgaleo but Solgaleo wins when it comes to heavy hitting moves. In regards to the Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries health, we have to take note that Lunala sustains far heavier damage which will in turn lower its health pretty fast however, Solgaleo has more type weaknesses compared to the latter, which only has two. And with Lunala's Shadow Shield ability, Pokemon Moon's legendary prove that it can hang in longer than Solgaleo.

What do you think of the verdict? Do you think Lunala is indeed better than Solgaleo in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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