Clash Royale Guide: How To Use The Log

For those of you that have been tracking on the decks of the top tiered players, you'll notice that almost 80% of their decks contain The Log. Now we know that the spell was recently buffed in the last October update but what makes it really viable in the arenas? Today, we'll uncover the strengths of The Log and how to properly use the card.

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Now the core strength of this card is its pushback mechanic which is basically a tide-turner in most cases - especially in matches against Miner, Giants and even Ballons and Royal Giant Decks. The knockback or pushback mechanic of The Log is simply what makes it a top choice for most players. In order for you to see and use the full potential of The Log, let's first discuss how the card works.

Clash Royale Guide: How the Log Works

Knockback - What you need to know about The Log's knockback is that it pushes troops in a 360 radius depending on the angle to which the troop is hit by it. Therefore, you can push troops sideways, forward and backward using this spell.

Stun - The Log's knockback actually applies a brief stun onto the troops caught by it. Therefore, it can help you use squishy, long-range troops to take out targets without harming them in a trade. Consequently, you can also use The Log to reset a target's focus and redirect it into another supporting building.

Damage - The Log's damage is enough to take out Fire Spirits and Skeletons that spawn from Tombstone which is also one of the most used defensive cards in the arenas. We will explain the use of The Log's damage in details below.

Clash Royale Guide: How to Use the Log

Redirect Focus - One of the lifesaving capabilities of The Log is its ability to redirect a ground target's focus. Basically, you can save your tower from harm by planting a defensive building (e.g. Tombstone, Inferno Tower) using The Log. You can also change a target's lane using this method by pushing it aside and resetting its focus. This is a great way to deal against heavy tanks like Giants, Golems, etc. You can even use this trick to push a Miner near your King's Tower and reset its target so it'll hit your King instead.

Separate Tanks From Support Troops - Another technique to make an effective use of the card is to separate tanks from the supporting troops usually the squishy ones. A great example is a Giant + Balloon push. If you see your opponent using this strategy, you can push back the Giant long enough that your Tower will hit the Balloons first, thus taking out the immediate threat in the process.

Taking Out Pushes And Counter Push - The Log can be used both defensively and offensively. You can easily take out squishy troops like Fire Spirits and Tombstone using the card. If you're playing a Princess then you can take out your enemy's Fire Spirits instantly or even take out Tombstone and its Skeletons if used when the building is at half HP. Moreover, you can use The Log to take out heavy pushes for positive Elixir trades. A great example is shown by Orange Juice Gaming in a video below. Basically, he took out three Musketeers using only The Log and Fire Spirits. He uses the stun and pushback mechanic of The Log into the Fire Spirits and then boom! Instant positive 5-Elixir trade!

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