Indigo Is The Smarter Virtual Assistant Who Remembers And Follows You On Multiple Devices

Indigo was unveiled at Mobile World Congress by Artificial Solutions, a company that develops award-winning Natural Language Interaction (NLI) software. Indigo is a cloud-based virtual assistant for Android smartphones, tablets and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Indigo works in a similar fashion to Siri in that it lets you speak in a natural way when asking for information or performing different tasks. What sets it apart from Siri, of course, is that it's a cross-platform app that will be available for Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry.

Indigo appears to be a more intelligent personal assistant due to the way it keeps track of information you've already asked for and it also remembers context. For instance, if you ask Indigo what time a certain movie is playing near you, you'll get the results. You can then ask a question like "Who is starring in that?" a few hours later and Indigo gives you the results because it accesses your previous inquiry and gives you results based on that.

Since Indigo keeps track of your history, you can tag certain questions as favorites; for instance you can set up "what is the traffic like today?" or "what is the forecast for today?" as a favorite. You can then simply tap on the favorite and get the results. Indigo keeps all of your history and allows you to scroll through it to access any previous information you obtained through the application. Indigo will also allow you to perform the usual updating on social media, creating calendar appointments, setting reminders and more.

The feature that makes Indigo really stand out is Indigo's cloud-based syncing technology that allows you to ask Indigo a question on one device and continue the conversation on a separate device, since Indigo stores your history in the cloud and sends the results to the device you're currently using.

Indigo will be released in beta next week for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, as well as for use on computers through a browser and smart TVs.

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