Overwatch Update: Blizzard To Introduce Arena Mode, Christmas Event

Just recently, Blizzard introduced a brand new Overwatch character to the game -- Sombra, that is. But hey, it seems the studio isn't done with surprises. That's because a Christmas event and a new mode are believed to be coming to the title. These are definitely worth investigating.

According to Reddit user named Venxa, there are a couple of Easter eggs that can be found in the game's sound files. The latter are believed to be an indication that a so-called Christmas event is coming to the game very soon. The aforesaid files include a number of clips for a supposed new hero interactions. Not just that, a jingle or song pertaining to the season can be found, too.

Nirolak, a NeoGAF user, suggests that the aforementioned jingle could refer to an upcoming holiday-themed event for Overwatch. Perhaps, Blizzard is set to introduce the same gig they did during Halloween. But of course, it'll be different. Players may be introduced to items specifically designed for the Christmas season.

Apart from the said event, a new mode is also rumored to be on its way. This is deemed as an Arena mode, as various Athena lines have surfaced. It includes the likes of "Now entering the arena" as well as the "Gladiator." Moreover, sound clip was also found, something that may refer to the arena's loading music.

It looks like things are starting to get interesting in Overwatch. Blizzard certainly has lots to offer to the table. It's also worth noting that the studio is set to introduce a brand new feature, which is specifically intended for solo players. It's called "Stay With Group," which appears at the post-game screen. Clicking it will automatically group the players who once teamed up for the recent match. It's confirmed to arrive to PTR, though no certain schedule has been set. Jeff Kaplan himself made the announcement, stating that it's something they've been considering for quite some time already.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch having a Christmas-themed event? How about a new mode? What are your expectations for these? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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