Pokemon Sun And Moon Have Missing Features And Weird Glitches Similar To Parasyte

Pokemon Sun and Moon have quite an interesting first-week launch. These games sold more than 2 million copies (that's just in Japan) and the Internet is flooded with interesting observations, not to mention the guides where to find this and that Pokemon. Aside from this, there are also complaints about features and, of course, glitches. However, these glitches are becoming a favorite topic because they are really weird.

Pokemon fans from Japan have been tweeting recently with accompanying video clips showing the weird glitches they encountered while playing Pokemon Sun and Moon.

One funny glitch showed the character running sideways looking like a paper doll cut-out. Another one shows the character levitating while running with his legs going up to his head. Talk about taking "head over heels" literally. The weirdest glitch, however, is the one showing another human character looking like the alien in Parasyte: The Maxim anime. It makes you wonder if it is some sort of a crossover or if aliens have invaded Alola island.

Aside from the glitches, some of the familiar Pokemon features are also missing in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game. Some of them include the triple battles and swarm battles. Triple battles allow up to six Pokemon monsters to fight while swarm battles are where you let one of your Pokemon pets fight against five low level monsters.

There are also some big framerate issues on the 3DS that were not present on the New 3DS. If you're a bit confused, the New 3DS is just a re-branding of the old 3DS system as Nintendo has tweaked it a bit. The New 3DS is equipped with eye-tracking for 3D games as well as a second joystick. Basically, however, you can still play old 3DS game titles on it.

Despite all these disappointments, Pokemon Sun and Moon is still very interesting and hopefully Nintendo will be able to address these issues soon.

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