Apple Might Use Flexible Display In Future iPhone As Revealed By New Patent

Does a flip iPhone sound like a good idea? Well, it looks like this exact idea has crossed Apple's mind. A recent report has revealed that the USPTO has issued Apple the patent for a smartphone that's able to fold in half by means of a flexible display. This patent is said to go with the reference number 9504170.

"Flexible Display Devices" Patent

As mentioned, this newly revealed patent would allow Apple to create some sort of a flip iPhone. It may sound like the same technology as what older mobile phones have but take note that this patent refers specifically to a foldable display and not just a foldable smartphone in general. As per Phone Arena, this patent suggests a feature wherein if the smartphone is inactive, its screen can be folded like a clamshell.

It will then be using a specific hinge that will connect the two halves of the display. This hinge will also be able to fold front to front and back to back, making the smartphone ultra-flexible. Nevertheless, this also means having to use Printed Circuit Boards and rollers. Needless to say, it's still hard to tell when this technology will be introduced by Apple.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

As interesting as this new patent may sound, it may not yet make an appearance in the iPhone 8. The only things heard about iPhone changes for 2017 include the omission of the home button and the use of an all-glass build. Apart from that, having an edge-to-edge display is also a big possibility. As for the foldable screen, it may be reserved for the next generations of the iPhone after the iPhone 8. The foldable display technology seems like a giant leap from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus designs, so there's a good chance that Apple won't be releasing such a high-tech feature as soon as next year.

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