‘Assassination Classroom’ Season 3 News, Updates: Upcoming Season To Feature Anime Spinoff; Koro-sensei Appears As The Demon King

"Assassination Classroom" season 2 ended with Koro-sensei's death in the hands of his students but there will be a third season for the anime. This time, however, the story will focus on the spinoff featuring popular characters in the first two seasons. The spin-off based on the manga "Koro-sensei Q" will air right after the movie adaptation of the series "Assassination Classroom: 365 Days."

"Assassination Classroom" Season 3

After going through grueling lessons and tough training under the infamous Koro-sensei, Class E makes the unanimous decision to kill their teacher. In "Assassination Classroom" season 2 finale, Koro-sensei lost much of his power after going head to head with the Reaper and Yanasigawa. With their teacher's current state, every student in Class E performs the mission that they have all been training for -- kill Koro-sensei to prevent the earth from being destroyed. Everyone holds down their teacher and right after his final roll call, Nagisa deals the killing blow.

In "Assassination Classroom" Season 3, Koro-sensei looks the same but the story does not pick up from the events of season 2. Instead, Koro-sensei is depicted as the demon king and the setting is outside the four walls of the classroom. In the spinoff, Koro-sensei is in a world of sorcery and sword. The story is based on Kizuku Watanabe's "Koro-sensei Q!" which was published in Saikyo Jump in 2015.

"Koro Teacher Quest!"

"Assassination Classroom" season 3 "Koro Teacher Quest!" will be a continuation of the film "Assassination Classroom: 365 Days." The film had a limited screening on Nov. 19 and it focused on the relationship between Karma and Nagisa. "Koro Teacher Quest!" will focus on showing another side of Class E's teacher. The anime spinoff will have 12 episodes and each episode is just 10 minutes, according to Fuji Creative's website.

There is no air date yet for "Assassination Classroom" season 3 "Koro Teacher Quest!" but more details will be revealed in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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