Mars Exploration Update: Is The Water From Frozen Lake Discovered On Mars Safe For Drinking?

Researchers have recently revealed that a discovered Martian underground lake found on the Utopia Planitia region in the mid northern latitudes of Mars. Scientists believe that the frozen lake holds about as much ice as would be made from all the water in the largest of the Great Lakes in North America, Lake Superior. As experts would describe it, the area is approximately between 80-170m thick and lies less than a meter below the surface of the planet at its highest point.

Is The Water Content Safe For Drinking?

In one of their statements reported by the International Business Times, researchers of the study have revealed that there is significant amount of water deposit in the frozen lake, as it could be used as a source of water for any astronauts landing on Mars. Study coauthor Jack Holt from the University of Texas also claimed that this deposit is probably more accessible than most water ice on Mars, because it is at a relatively low latitude and it lies in a flat, smooth area which would enable to land a spacecraft in a much easier way as compared to some of the other areas which is found to be covered with ice.

What This Water Deposit Could Mean

Meanwhile, according to Joe Levy, who is also from the University of Texas and the study's co-author, the ice under Utopia Planitia isn't just of interest when planning future human missions to Mars. It is also a record of Mars' mysterious climate history. Yahoo News reports that the experts themselves cannot completely apprehend as to why there has been a buildup of ice only in some areas of the Martian surface and not in others. However, the researchers have highly emphasized the importance of sampling and using this ice with a future mission which is potentially considered to keep astronauts alive, while also helping them unlock the secrets of Martian ice ages.

Ultimately, the experts have revealed that much of Mars' liquid water content had been discovered on the surface of its rivers and lakes. Thus, it is just but important for us to learn more about the large quantity that is now underground ice.

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