Adele's New Zealand Concert Tickets Sold Out In Just 20 Minutes; Singer Proves Worth In The Industry

Adele had already made a mark in the music industry from all over the worlds. People look up to her as an icon in the field of music from different parts of the globe . She has touched thousands of people with her heartfelt songs and messages. Up until now, she is proving her worth and popularity as she raises the bars high in doing concert tours.

Adele's Concert Tour Dates In New Zealand Already Announced, Will There Still Be Slots Left?

As popular as she was, Adele had done concert tours in different countries. Just this year, she announced that she would be performing the last leg of her tour in London next year. The singer, before doing her finale, Adele went to Australia and will perform in New Zealand on March.

Moreover, it seems like her New Zealand concert tours will be jam pack as her two tour dates was sold out in less than twenty minutes. The third show was then sold out after an hour.

NZ Herald gave this statement regarding the show of Adele:

'The only tickets available now are VIP packages. TradeMe is removing anyone listing Adele tickets as tickets aren't being sent to buyers until February and their rules and conditions state "you must have possession of the item you're selling".'

Adele Proves That 'Adele' Is Not Just A Name, But A Performer That You Should Better Watch Out For

Adele seems to prove that performers don't have to blurt out the real status of their fame and fortune, instead let their concert tickets proved that they are worthy to be called an icon. This also goes to show how people from all parts of the world love to hear how Adele interprets music.

Other good news from the singer, Adele is set to have her second baby. Just this year, she announced her desire to have a second child and fortunately she was given the opportunity to have one again.

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