Friends' Comeback On Small Screen Are All Set, Secrets Of Cast Members Revealed

If everything would go well with the people behind the series 'Friends', the hit television show would be reportedly release next year, 2017. Sources told that NBC is trying their very best to get the commitments of every original members of the show. The network believes that they would be a great contribution as to the success and increase of channel's rating.

Original Members Of 'Friends' Were Offered By NBC Huge Salaries For Their Comeback

Reports told that the network already offered a huge amount of salary to those who would form part of the reunion-special. An insider told, in an interview:

"Top secret negotiations have begun,"

 "NBC is champing at the bit over Friends coming back for one big episode. They feel that it would be ratings and advertising bonanza."

However, it seems like the problem why the cast won't go back is more than the money that they would be getting. According to some source, the former characters were full of pride and inflated egos. They have been on several fights before while filming the series and pretensions were all over the set. People who have witnessed the cast told that they were just close on-screen but they secretly hate one another.

"The network played up the image that all six actors were as close offscreen as they were on-screen, but it wasn't the truth,"

"While they are all much more mature and settled now, they are still not very close to each other."'

'Friends' Original Cast Members Jennifer And Lisa Had A Misunderstanding Regarding Brad Pitt Before

On the other hand, it was also remembered that Lisa and Jennifer had a slight misunderstanding when Lisa told Jen that she doesn't like Brad Pitt for her. Sources told, in an interview:

"Lisa wasn't impressed with Brad when she first started dating him,"

"She thought that Brad was full of himself and a total slacker. Jen was annoyed by Lisa's opinion, but years later, after their divorce, she told Lisa she should have listened to her because she was right."

However, certain publication opposed the rumors regarding the reunion show and told that nothing was true with the statements,

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