How To Improve Fuel Economy By Sticking To The Basics

Improve Fuel Economy By Sticking To The Basics
One major struggle of vehicle owners is how to get the most out of their cars. Some are missing out on the most basic of principles on how to improve their fuel economy. Photo : Photo Illustration by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Autonomous and electric vehicles are springing like mushrooms in an attempt to improve fuel economy ratings. However, if you still own the usual petrol-filled cars, which you probably do, then you might be always on the lookout for gas prices. Here are some tips on how to save both money and fuel.

Know When To Change Gears

Okay, so you have successfully launched your vehicle, so what is stopping you from switching to a higher gear? Most drivers, especially the new ones, tend to stay in first gear even when the car is already rolling. Yes, staying in first gear and trying to hit the sweet spot of the red line means you will get the most power out of the car, but that also means burning more fuel that is unnecessary if you are just doing your daily drive to the office. Switching to a higher gear will take the stress from your engine, thus burning less fuel and only using what is needed. The lower gears, first and second, are mostly used to just launch the car, and not cruise with it. Leave the rpm redline to the track, switch to second gear once you have launched, then switch to third once you gain that momentum, and so on.

The Speedometer Was Placed In Front Of You For A Purpose

Don't speed unless necessary. Speeding once again puts a lot of stress to the car engine and burns more fuel. Learn and practice your foot control. Regardless if you are going to a short or a longer distance, there is really no need to always put the metal to the pedal. Ask any real racer and they will tell you that the fastest way to reach your destination is by smooth driving, and not by aggressive driving.

Plan Your Trips

The question here where and when are you going? Is it necessary to use your car or can you reach your destination by simply walking or taking public transport? Car owners, tend to use every excuse possible to go for a drive, which is fine if fuel cost does not mean anything to you, in that case, you should not be reading this article. If you are going to buy a lot of groceries then, by all means, use your car. But if you are just going to buy a liter of milk in a store that is just five to minutes walk away from your home, then you might as well just walk. Besides, your body has been long begging for that exercise after all that sitting in the driver's seat.

Avoid The Rush Hour Whenever Possible

There is nothing worse than sat idle in the rush hour. You are wasting gallons of gas whenever you have your car running in idle, which mostly happen during heavy traffic. Some countries even have laws that require drivers to switch off their engines after a few minutes of idling; this not only saves our environment from hazardous emissions but also saves a lot of fuel. If you have work that starts at eight in the morning, you can expect that there will be heavy traffic from 7:30 or earlier depending on your location. Wake up earlier and go drive before seven hits the clock, you will be happy once you notice that you are taking fewer trips to the gasoline station.

Remove Unneeded Accessories

You had that trip last summer and still have the roof rack installed. Remove it and you won't believe how much fuel it will save you. Your rack may be lightweight, but still, that is the weight that is unnecessary. It also causes a lot of drag that in turn, causes the car to use up more gasoline. Your car has been tested in wind tunnels to maximize its aerodynamic features, however, your roof rack was not attached when tested. Aside from the roof rack, accessories such as bulky and heavy speakers, ski boxes and even that golf bag in the trunk also add weight, remove them if you are aiming for better gas consumption.

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