Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: A Shortcut In Evolving Munchlax to Snorlax

Munchlax is one of the favorite Pokemon by many players in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ especially since it evolves to a powerful yet very lazy Snorlax. And players can actually get it early in the game when they claim the mystery gift in the game. So the next step for every player is to evolve it to Snorlax as soon as possible.

How to Evolve Munchlax to Snorlax

Evolving Munchlax in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ can be a bit tricky in the game. Unlike other Pokemon, who evolves when it reaches a specific level, it only evolves when the player has greatly improved their happiness or friendship levels. According to reports, it's somewhere between 50% to 100% happiness level.

How to Evolve Munchlax to Snorlax Quickly

Usually, players would evolve Munchlax by placing it on their party and battling followed by continuously interacting with it by petting and feeding it in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. However, there is actually a shortcut in increasing the happiness of a Munchlax. All they need to do is find a TM that Munchlax is allowed to learn and use it alternately and continuously on it. Repeat it for a number of times and Munchlax should be ready to evolve within the day if not an hour.

How to Get Snorlax Exclusive Z-Move “Pulverizing Pancake

After getting Snorlax, players will start finding the way how to get it to learn its exclusive Z-move. And players, who got Snorlax from the Munchlax mystery gift, don’t need to look any further because their mystery gift comes with the new Snorlium Z item in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. They can use this as soon as Munchlax has evolved.

With the new Z-move, Snorlax who’s known to be always sleeping and lazy to move becomes a dangerous Pokemon. Its power is magnified on a different level that makes it one of the top Pokemon in the game.

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