Trump Keeps Pushing Tim Cook To Build Apple´s Products In The US

The U.S. president-elect- Donald Trump is keep trying to make Apple build its iMacs, iPhones, iPads and many of its products in the country, in order to create more jobs and decrease the misemployment rate, which has been one of his main promises during the campaign and the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. In order to do this, the Republican said in an interview that he told the Cupertino company´s CEO, Tim Cook, that he could build one big plant in America, instead of making it overseas.

Trump Wants To Incentivize Tim Cook Cutting Taxes And Many Substantial Regulations

According to Tech Times, Trump wants to incentivize Apple to make this happen, as he also stated that he could make substantial regulation cuts and very large tax cut, so the tech giant wouldn´t see as a bad idea to make its products in the U.S., giving the fact that it is a better business by keeping it in countries such as Vietnam and China. In fact, it was known that when Cook called Trump after he got elected, the president told him that he would consider a "real achievement" if Apple ended up building its plants in America.

Naturally, this represents an important appeasement in Trump´s discourse, considering that in the campaign he was more aggressive in his idea of making the Cupertino company to manufacture its products in the U.S., to the point in which he threatened to slap a 45 percent tax on products imported from China, which was clearly a dangerous declaration against the tech giant.

Moving Back To America Is Not An Impossible Scenario

According to Fortune, the Apple´s concern about moving back to the U.S. is the lack of workers with the proper skills to manufacture some of its products. However, as reported in a previous article, the company is already studying the possibilities of making this move back to America, since, its main manufacturer partner Foxconn Technology Group is analyzing the scenario, and it hasn´t rejected the idea of doing it.

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