People Urged To Prepare For Big Quake Anytime

Science has yet to find a way to predict when an earthquake will strike. This is most important in regions where earthquakes are common. Large earthquakes have claimed many lives and destroyed much property. Until a warning system has been made, people are urged to prepare for a big quake anytime.

Many people are still not prepared for a big earthquake, not even in areas that are prone to it. Mary Comerio, a professor in the College of Environmental Design at the University of California Berkeley and an expert in disaster recovery and reconstruction said that people in the Bay Area are more informed about earthquakes, but that there is still a long way to go in actual disaster preparedness. One of the issues that people should face is reconstruction after a big disaster.

Long range planning is the key to preparing for a big earthquake. Comerio has stressed that governments and politicians don't want a disaster to happen during their term, yet don't show much concern in preparing their areas for a disaster. People in general also don't think much about planning for a disaster, even those who are aware that they can happen anytime.

The key to disaster preparedness is to make a plan, according to Berkeley News. Knowing where one lives and the situation in the neighborhood is essential in case of a disaster. That would mean observing the place where one lives and work, or the school for those who have children. Knowing the area can be crucial in an emergency situation.

She has also said that being prepared doesn't mean waiting for it to happen in the future. Planning has to be done for an event that could happen any time. Comerio said that the plan should be that the disaster could happen even today, and to treat it as if it would happen today. That is true especially for governments, so as to have disaster response be alert if it happens.

She has also cited the work being done by Ph.D. students, as Phys Org notes. She said that they have been involved in engineering modelling and city planning modelling. Through these they have shown how risk reduction can be made by sound policies and urban planning.

Disaster can strike at any moment. The people are urged to prepare for a big quake anytime. Many areas that are prone to earthquakes aren't that aware yet, and it is critical that disaster preparedness be taught to citizens. A method being studied in stopping floods and drought might help in disaster situations.

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