Pokémon Sun and Moon: Toxapex Moveset And Strategy Guide

Pokémon Sun and Moon has a lot of amazingly strong Pokémon but one of the prominent ones that are attracting competitive players is Toxapex. This little creature is a beast when it comes to online battles as not only can it withstand basically every attacks, it also has a long-list of diverse abilities making it very versatile and fitting for any existing team compositions. Today, we will be giving some of the ideal builds for Toxapex to help you in your competitive battles.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Toxapex Overview

Toxapex is arguably one of the best tanks in Generation VII for the fact that the Pokémon has a myriad of abilities for various roles including the negative status effects and whatnot. To learn more about how this Pokémon be your crowning glory, let's first take a look at its base stats.

Toxapex Base Stats







Sp. Attack


Sp. Defense




Stat-wise, it's an ideal tank given that Defense has more value than HP when it comes to "tankiness" as the mitigated damage through the stat far outweighs the damage a Pokémon receive with high HP but with poor damage mitigations. Now, let's move forward on the builds and strategies.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Toxapex Builds and Strategies

Regenerator Build
One of the popular builds of Toxapex is the Regenerator build which makes use of his bulkiness to apply status effects on the target Pokémon and then switch out to a high-speed attack Pokémon that you have in your team. Here is the full set of moves which you can use with the Regenerator Build:

HP - 252
Def - 4
Sp. Defense - 252

Merciless Build
Another popular build for Toxapex revolves around the use of the Merciless ability. The strategy for this build is to rely on your critical hits on your Poisoned enemy while slowly chipping damage on your opponents. This build will rely on the Pokémon's signature move which is the Baneful Bunker that protects it from damage and poisons any Pokémon that makes contact. Here is the full set of moves and stat build for this build:

Poison Jab
HP - 252
Def - 4
Sp. Def - 252

Verlisify made a tutorial video regarding Toxapex moveset guide which you can see down below. Be sure to check back for more Pokémon Sun and Moon Tips and Guides!

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