No Man's Sky Best Alternatives: Empyrion: Galactic Survival, Elite Dangerous And More

Why No Man's Sky Was The Most Influential Game 0f 2016
No Man's Sky might be one of the biggest failures in the game industry this year but it has also affected the industry in a very huge way. Photo : PlayStation / YouTube

No Man's Sky might have had an early demise. But there's no doubt that it also made players want to explore planets and universes that are uniquely made with procedural generation. If you feel frustrated that No Man's Sky is no longer the success it was touted to be, you can always try these alternatives to fulfill your wish of exploring space. Some of these alternatives will even let you combat, experience trading, ship building and many more that you will not find in No Man's Sky.

Empyrion: Galactic Survival

If you want a game that is almost like No Man's Sky, you should try out Empyrion: Galactic Survival. But compared to No Man's Sky, Empyrion looks to be better. Its project director said that Empyrion carries a lot of features that gamers cannot find in No Man's Sky. This includes space simulation elements, RPG progression systems and a crafting system that lets you build your own spaceship from the ground out. These are also what make Empyrion stand out from No Man's Sky.

Elite Dangerous

Compared to No Man's Sky and Empyrion, Elite Dangerous is sort-of a combination gameplay. Half of this game focuses on RPG progression and the other half focuses on space simulation. This is not a game where you just explore space or fight aliens. Since playable characters are given much focus, you can choose to be a combat ace, a galactic trader or just a pirate going on a space mission. You can also participate in several activities like cargo trading if you wish to engage in a money-making gameplay.

Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn is one of those procedurally generated games that provide multiplayer experience for gamers. It's set 30 years into the future, looks and feels more realistic compared to No Man's Sky with its grittier look and concept idea. Your main goal? Survive your ship's crash landing on an alien planet and successfully building a base there. This will entail building structures, researching new technologies, learning how to fly a spacecraft and also fighting or taming off alien creatures that might wander into your territory.

Rebel Galaxy

For those who wish to perform combat fighting at breakneck speeds, Rebel Galaxy would be the game title to choose. Instead of a typical simulation game in the universe, Rebel Galaxy is more of an extreme RPG game set into space. If you wish to play this title, expect regular NPC quests. You will also have to update your ship at different docking stations and choose speech options for fights or new opportunities. To put it simply, Rebel Galaxy is like playing Fallout in space.

Planet Explorers

Of all the titles listed here, Planet Explorers is the only No Man's Sky alternative that lets you play as you please. Planet Explorers has several game modes that lets you play in different ways. Into building? This game will let you create good architectural designs and build them as you please. Want some adrenaline-pumping combat? You can perform quests in adventure mode. You can also just choose to stay in story mode for structured narrative.  In short, Planet Explorers has a unique level of visual complexity that you will not see in No Man's Sky - a good reason enough for you to try it.

So which of these No Man's Sky alternatives would you like to give a try? We'd also love to hear how your gameplay worked. So don't forget to let us know by leaving your comments on the section below.

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