Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 7, Postponed, Details Inside

Legends of Tomorrow will be having their much needed break when they postponed their latest episode due to Thanksgiving. The series will also be part of the mega crossover of CW TV series.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 7

Amidst the hype of Season 2 Episode 7, fans may need to wait two more weeks before they will see what this episode is all about. The producers of the series decided to postpone its airing due to Thanksgiving week. Although the series was already postponed, they've released a 2-minute trailer which starts with an alien ship approaching Earth. Little do they know, some of the aliens are already on the ground prior to the crash.

The Dominators And Their Purpose

The Dominators or aliens did came with a purpose to Earth. As seen in multiple episodes on those 4 series, their main intention is to eliminate the human race. As per one of our credible sources, this scenario will open up a lot of segment of those 4 massive series. However, at this point, they need to team up in order for them to destroy the Dominators. Barry was the first one on the crash site and he immediately investigate the wrecked alien ship. He then realize that he needed help because he knows he can't handle the Dominators alone.

The Biggest Crossover In Television History

As mentioned, the speedster needed help and Felicity did her part to contact a reliable back up. Green Arrow, Supergirl and the heroes from Legends of Tomorrow assembled to face and defend Earth. This will also be the first time that they will face an enormous amount of aliens and as the producers say, it won't be easy and one hero might perish. An interesting angle will also be seen where Killer Frost is hesitant to fight the Dominators. Barry tried to convince her but she doesn't want her power to control her. Heat wave creeps out Supergirl by telling her his story and purpose on Earth.

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