Samsung´s SDI Battery Affiliate Is Facing A Lot Of Troubles After The Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

Samsung´s SDI battery affiliate is struggling to keep its roster of clients intact, after the fallout of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, which hit the company with more than $1 billion in losses. Apparently, Samsung´s largest in-house supplier is now trying to assure its customers that the batteries are good, but considering that the South Korean company decided to stop using its product, many believes that what happened with the highly-anticipated flagship could have been its fault.

Samsung SDI Is Getting Its Reputation Destroyed

According to Tech Times, Samsung SDI produced more than 70 percent the batteries that were used in the Note 7, and is now working to hard to assuage its most important clients -as Apple- that what caused Samsung´s phone explosion didn´t had anything to do with the battery. However, most of its customers have already quit their contracts with the company, who has lost a fifth of its market value.

Naturally, this represents a huge setback and a extremely damaging blow for SDI, considering that the last thing that a company of this kind -and with this kind of important clients- wants is a bad reputation, and mainly when it is a terrible and popular event as the Galaxy Note outburst, which has been one of the most important tech news this year, considering how harmful has been or the South Korean company.

Samsung´s Investigation Will Clear What Really Happened

According to Digital Trends the problems that Samsung SDI is facing it doesn't have to do exclusively with the Note 7 battery, since now it has been questioned if the supply chain could support the growing demands of a company that has grown significantly over the last years, which of course, is also vey damaging to SDI´s interests. Of course, considering that Samsung hasn't released the full explanation about what happened with the Note 7, it is too soon to blame SDI, but once the report is completed and released, things would be extremely better or worst for the company.

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