5 Much Awaited Zombie Apocalypse Games For 2017

Upcoming Zombie Games 2016 -2017 (Xbox One Ps4 Pc)
We just couldn't get enough of zombies. So for 2017, we list the most anticipated zombie-based video games. Prepare for the outbreak, next year won't show any signs of mercy. Photo : YouTube / Gamer Zone

If you're a big fan of zombie apocalypse and video games then you landed yourself on the right article. As 2016 rides towards the sunset, a plethora of zombie games await eager players as they can't wait to smash some undead skulls and display them like stuffed animals. Sounds quite brutal, but when a situation like that comes, I bet that would be one of the hyped hobbies.

Anyway, zombies have made their way both in the big screen and video games and people just love, and hate them. Here are the upcoming zombie-based games for 2017. Ready those pockets as they come from triple-A titles, and they do cost a lot.

State of Decay

An upcoming survival game, State of Decay is developed by Undead Labs to be published by Microsoft Studios. The game is a sequel to the original 2013 State of Decay. The sequel is said to focus more on cooperative gameplay rather than handling the storyline solo. Players need to work together so that lasting communities can be established. The game also features interconnected worlds that will remember every choice the players do. It's a Microsoft exclusive so you'll need to secure either an Xbox One or a very good gaming PC. The game is experienced in third-person view so the extra field view would come in handy.

Days Gone

Sony also has its own exclusive game titled Days Gone. It made an impressive teaser gameplay at E3 2016 which sparked the hype for PlayStation fans. The game is set in massive open world and borrows some its ideas from 'Day Z' for its zombie types. Become protagonist Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter who is searching for a reason to go on living. Days Gone is all about survival sprinkled with human emotions and affairs. The official page rolls out the slogan "Hope never dies."

The Walking Dead (by Overkill)

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is a first person shooter that focuses on cooperation. It mixes with action, role playing, stealth, and survival horror. The game is based on The Walking Dead universe where players play the role of survivors within the said world. It also will be featured in virtual reality which makes the game more exciting to look forward to. The developers for this game also did Payday 2 so expect a good one.

Resident Evil 7

Probably the scariest game for 2017 as it comes in VR and it has evolved from 6 previous titles. The game is built on an RE engine which is created with "Resident Evil in mind" and also to produce photo realistic objects with the smallest details rendered properly. The main elements of the game are: item management, combat, fear, and exploration, which are the only things you'll need to make one heck of a scary game.

The game also is compatible with the PS4 Pro and PS VR so gamers should ready their hardware when this monster comes out. The official site asks anticipating players "Are you ready to face your fears?" The game rolls out, if not pushed back, by Jan. 24.

Dead Island 2

This game is currently the best bet for best zombie game of 2017. The much awaited sequel is finally in development. The game is set months after the gruesome events of Dead Island. The US Armed Forces has no put California under quarantine due to the zombie outbreak. The cause of infection is still unknown.

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