Climate Change: Arctic Records Highest Temperature Since 1979

The Poles have been heating up. This has been known for some time now. Scientists continue to warn that the Poles will have temperatures rise because of global warming and climate change. The Arctic is overheating and Arctic records are highest since 1979.

The Arctic is heating because of the oceans heating up as well. This is what is driving climate change. During the last four weeks it has been observed that the temperatures in the Arctic are nine to twelve degrees Celsius above the normal temperatures in that region. This has been monitored by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Temperatures on the North Pole have risen to about zero degrees Celsius. That would be around 20 degrees above what is normal for the month of November. Martin Stendel, a climate researcher based at DMI, said that it has been the highest recorded so far since the advent of satellite data in 1979.

It has been observed that ice should be forming in the open sea in the area. That though has not happened yet for this year. Stendel said that sea ice is even melting due to warm air coming into the Arctic.

While there are several factors that have caused this, many scientists agree that the biggest factor of all is global warming, according to The Japan Times. This is due in part to greenhouse gases attributed to vehicles, factories and other activities that emit carbon dioxide. Surface temperature has risen to around one degrees Celsius because of this.

Warming in the Arctic has been much faster than in other areas also, as Phys Org reports. While ice and snow reflect much of that heat back, the oceans absorb the heat, which causes it to become warm. As ice further melts, such consequences as rising sea levels have been foreseen.

Scientists have warned that the Arctic could lose all its ice soon. This could happen by 2050 if the trend continues. Global warming has affected people a lot, and governments have been urged to control it. With climate change, Arctic records are highest since 1979.

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