Learn How To Delete Yourself From The Internet Website

Sometimes, you just want to delete everything on the internet especially if it involves you. Accounts, pictures, status and everything you want to throw away with a connection to you that can be seen on the internet is now possible for you to remove. Just using your Google account, you can delete yourself from the internet website.

Learn How To Delete Yourself From The Internet Website

According to Huffingston Post, there is one website that offers you to delete yourself from the internet. It was designed by Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck. The goal of the website is to "clean up your internet presence."

Deseat.me is a simple website that helps you to delete all such accounts you created. It will ask you to sign in using your main Google account.Once you’ve done that it’ll scan your email looking for services and accounts that you’ve signed up to. It will then automatically generate a list of all the accounts linked to your email address. After you’re done filtering the accounts you want to delete, you will have to click the delete option for each of the accounts in the delete queue.

As reported by Fossbytes, clicking the delete option will lead you to the deletion page for the respective account where you may have to sign-in to that account in order to delete it. It’s very much possible you don’t remember the password as you didn’t access the account in a while. You can try to reset the password.

The Deseat.me Website

Dahlbo and Unnebäck said they take the privacy of users seriously and that the program runs on the user's computer, rather than their servers, according to The Telegraph. Deseat.me is fairly limited at the moment. It requires users to have a Google email address that is used for all of your online accounts. So for those who doesnt have a G-mail, you'll need to go to each website you created an account and delete it.


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