PlayStation 4 Pro: A Great Holiday Gift For Gamers

PlayStation 4 Pro: A Great Holiday Gift For Gamers
Undoubtedly, the PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the best pieces of technology that 2016 churned out - with some help from Sony. Which is why it will be one of the hottest gits to give and/or receive. Photo : GameSpot/YouTube

This year saw a lot of hot items enter the tech world - from smartphones, notebooks and tablets to game titles and game consoles. However, one very notable device that was released is Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. It improves immensely on its predecessor, but does not leave any of it behind. It makes the perfect gift to receive or give this holiday season.

The PlayStation 4 Pro has a CPU that is faster by 30 percent from its predecessor. The GPU, on the other hand, is 200 percent faster, according to Neurogadget. These numbers are impressive on paper, but the experience generated from it is something else entirely.

As Forbes notes, the PS4 Pro did not seem to have any deals available during Black Friday - which is a shame because the console is not cheap. It costs US$399, which is a significant difference from its competitors, including the PlayStation 4 Slim. And especially with the deals currently available, it makes it difficult to stay focused on the monster machine.

However, the difference, as the publication reports, is softened by what the PS4 Pro can actually offer. First off, getting the obvious out of the way. Sony's latest offering works best when paired with a 4K HDR TV, which many people do not have. But it seems like the 4K quality is become the standard in the market and the public is poised to embrace it sooner rather than later.

Undoubtedly, the main argument against the PlayStation 4 Pro is that it is virtually the same as its predecessor without the 4K TV, this is not always the case. So even if a more modern television set is not arriving in the near future, that does not mean that Sony's power machine should not. There are plenty of benefits even without the TV.

The first is that the console will help in anti aliasing, a technique that diminishes the jagged portions of a game that result due to a lack in power. The device does so though super-sampling, a technique used by developers to increase the resolution of a game before shrinking them into 1080p output.

In addition the frame rate stabilization of the Pro is unparalleled. Several games are already exhibiting better performance because of this. The publication makes an example out of "Rise Of The Tomb Raider," which now provides an option for 60 frames per second on a regular 1080p television set.

Furthermore, purchasing the new console now would can be considered an investment for the future. Sony has promised that all games from this point on will be compatible with all PS4 devices. However, the PS4 Pro is undoubtedly the standard at this point for mos game developers. As such, all future titles will be played best on the more powerful unit. In addition, the company has not made any announcements or any hint about a new console arriving to the market any time soon - so it will sit pretty for a few years.

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