Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: How To Build Kartana

Kartana is one of the Ultra Beasts that is introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon and is now currently sitting as the third highest attacking Pokémon in all Generations. Not only does this Pokémon has amazing stats, it also has straight-up amazing offensive abilities that deals devastating damage to your opponent.Today, we will be looking at how to effectively build your Kartana to demolish your opponent in any battle.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Kartana Overview

Kartana has insanely high Attack , Defense and Speed stats which is perfect for an offensive Pokémon. It is a Grass/Steel typing which is weak only to Fighting and Fire types. But due to its high Attack stat, it can virtually one shot any Pokémon that it encounters. Oddly enough, despite being a glass-canon, it can somehow withstand some Neutral hits thanks to its high defense stat. Here is the full list of Kartana's base stats:

Kartana Base Stats







Sp. Attack


Sp. Def






Another amazing thing about Kartana is its good amount of Speed stat which enables it to out-speed most of the glass-canons in the game. As you can see, the Pokémon has a high amount of Attack stat which will enable it to 1 shot most of the squishy targets with proper setup. Now that we've tackled Kartana's strengths, let's move on to the actual build for the Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Build Kartana

There's only one ideal moveset for this Pokémon and that is straight-up pure damage abilities. This Pokémon will serve as your hard-hitter in your team and therefore, must be used in conjunction with your supporting Pokémon (preferably with Tailwind). Now, here's the popular Beast Boost Build for Kartana.

Beast Boost Build
Item - Life Orb
Ability - Beast Boost
Sacred Sword
Leaf Blade
Smart Strike
Night Slash
Attack - 252
Def - 4
Speed - 252

Now this build relies heavily on Kartana's ability to dish out as much damage as possible. But as you can see, this build will make the Pokémon a pure glass-cannon to Fire types. With its low HP pool, basically any effective Fire moves can eliminate this Pokémon much like how Ferrothorn is greatly countered by Fire types.

So what do you think of Kartana? Do you consider it as one of the most overpowered sweeping Pokémon? Share your thoughts in the commends down below!

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