Kanye West Hospitalized: Time To Take Mental Health Seriously

Fans are shocked to find Kanye West hospitalized. According to multiple reports, the hip hop star is being treated for his mental health condition. While this may have come as a shock to many, such issues do not discriminate and may affect everyone. It is time to get serious about such problems.

It was initially reported that Kanye West was being treated for sleep deprivation and dehydration. Gradually, it was revealed that there was more to it. Reports suggest he had a psychotic breakdown. When something like that happens to an outspoken and extrovert person like Kanye, one should question what is going wrong.

Often, the lighthearted use of certain words shows how lightly people take mental health issues. Words like insane, deranged and crazy are used quite often to describe someone or something that is different. Many wonder what is wrong with someone so successful like Kanye West.

According to Vanity Fair, the business of fashion is "brutally difficult." There can be a number of issues, some internal and some external. One of those is his $53-million personal debt. When he talked about it on social media, many found him to audacious.

Snoop Dogg released a video soon after he saw Kanye West hospitalized. In the video, he makes fun of the singer by calling him crazy. The video got millions of views, as most of them found it to be funny. Lady Gaga, however, stood by Kanye and asked everyone to be kind and loving. According to her, it's not funny to joke about anyone's possible mental health condition.

"While I don't agree with everything he does I hope the public shows compassion and [love] for @kanyewest and each other," Lady Gaga tweeted.

When people see Kanye West hospitalized for mental health issues, they should realize that it can affect anyone at any point of time. He is not the first celebrity to get affected by this, and he won't be the last. It is better to be well-informed about the issue and fight it out, instead of making fun of it.

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