Depression Is Emotional, Arthritis Is Physical, But Why Are They Connected?

A recent study shows that depression, especially in teenagers, may actually increase the risk of the development of arthritis in the latter part of life. Experts have also found that anxiety in teenage years can also be linked to the high probability of being plagued by a host of skin disease. Hence, experts recommend that as early as possible, medical and psychological intervention should be applied to prevent such diseases from happening.

Arthritis, Epilepsy And Eating Disorders, How Are They Related?

Scientists have noted that mental disorders and physical diseases frequently go hand in hand. However, for the first time, a team of psychologists from the University of Basel in Switzerland and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany have identified temporal patterns in young people. According to Daily News & Analysis, it was found that physical diseases and mental disorders can create an impact to a person's quality of life and bring a huge challenge for the healthcare system. Moreover, experts have also discovered that frequent episodes of depression were then followed by arthritis and diseases of the digestive system.

The study conducted in 6,483 teenagers from the US aged between 13 and 18 have shown that affective disorders such as depression were frequently followed by arthritis and diseases of the digestive system. Experts have highly emphasized the same relationship existed between anxiety disorders and skin diseases.

Furthermore, the findings show that anxiety were found to be more common if the teenager had already suffered from heart disease. In the journal PLOS One, where it was published, a link shows that epilepsy and subsequent eating disorders was also found to be associated with each other. In one of her statements reported by Daily Mail, Marion Tegethoff, the study's lead researcher from the University of Basel claimed that they were able to establish and that epilepsy is followed by an increased risk of eating disorders.

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