Microsoft Is Just About To Buy LinkedIn For $26 Billion

Tech giant Microsoft is about to buy LinkedIn in a $26 billion deal, since the company accepted to allow the social media competitors some access to its software, in order that the European Union (EU) could approve an acquisition that could be very beneficial and lucrative for both parties, since there was a general concern regarding who this deal could threaten competition in an injustice manner.

To Buy LinkedIn Would Represent A Huge Inconvenient For The Competition

According to Investopedia, the reason why Bill Gates company is just about to buy the social media is because the European Commission feels satisfied with these concessions, considering that it required feedback from Microsoft´s rivals and customers as,Inc., which also wanted to acquire LinkedIn. Naturally, in a usual move that many believe that is usually made just to annoy, the company urged regulators to check the anti-trust and information privacy issues thoroughly before approving the acquisition.

In addition to these concessions, the tech giant will additionally allow third-party manufactures as Dell Inc. or Hewlett-Packard (HP) Enterprise Co. to disable the LinkedIn shortcut on its desktops and laptops, which many believe that could be too much beneficial for the competitors. However, a precedent shows that the European Union antitrust decision condemned Microsoft 12 years ago for bundling unnecessary programs in its operating system, so the company feels forced to make this kind of concessions so its acquisition doesn´t have any problems.

Both Companies Needs The EU´s Approval

According to Tech Times, although this resolution seems more than for Microsoft to close the deal with LinkedIn, there´s no guarantees that the EU wouldn´t disapproved it. If this happens things will turn very ugly, since the EU commission would choose to investigate, which could stall the deal for a little bit less than five months. The committee analyzing the acquisition deal will give the final ruling by December 6, and everyone is expecting a favorable call. Bill Gates´ is about to buy LinkedIn, but it could stay this way.

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