Pokemon GO Rumor: December Update To Include Legendary Pokemon, Generation 2, Trading?

Pokemon Go will reportedly have a massive update in December. Niantic Labs may include more than a hundred new Pokemon as well as new features in the game.

Legendary and Generation 2 Pokemon

There are reports that Pokemon Go will receive more than a hundred new Pokemon. This will include the Legendary Pokemon from the first generation and the Pokemon from the second generation. With the recent release of Ditto, only the Legendary Pokemon is missing from the first generation. The most anticipated Legendary Pokemon fans are waiting to appear are Mew and Mewto.

Possible Pokemon Go December Feature Update

There are rumors that Pokemon GO players can now battle one on one or in PvP mode. Players can also raise baby Pokemon after it has been hatched from an egg. The Pokemon tyke can be raised in the same way as Tamagochi pets.

One of the features promised Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke is a trading system in Pokemon GO. It seems this mode may come true in December, according to PokeVS. The Pokemon web scanner site showed some of the game's codes that gave possible hints with regards to the upcoming update. However, there is also a possibility that the developer may change the codes at any time.

Pokemon GO in Trouble?

Pokemon Go achieved a tremendous success that has yet to be surpassed by other mobile games. At its height, it has been downloaded more than half a billion times. The sheer number of it players far outnumber those of other mobile games. Nevertheless, it player base is continuing to decline due to the absence of new features in the game. If the December update rumors are true, the Pokemon GO may yet see hordes of its former players returning to its fold. One reason why Pokemon GO is witnessing a step decline is possibly due to the massive popularity of another Nintendo game, Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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