WWE News, Rumors: John Cena Scheduled To Return On Dec. 26; Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor To Appear At Wrestlemania 33?

Current rumors suggest that John Cena might delay his return since he is currently upset with WWE for keeping him in the dark about Goldberg's return at Wrestlemania 33. At the moment, however, Cena is still scheduled to appear at the WWE Live Holiday Tour on Dec. 26 at Madison Square Garden. Meanwhile, there might be more surprises at Wrestlemania 33 as heavy rumors suggest that UFC stars Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey might make an appearance.

John Cena's WWE Live Comeback

There were reports that John Cena was disappointed with WWE, he was as surprised as WWE viewers were when he saw Lesnar get squashed by Goldberg. As someone who is "in the know" in all WWE matters, Cena was unhappy with WWE. On top of that, he believes that spending top dollar on the likes of Lesnar and Goldberg is not a good decision when there is so much talent that needs to be developed.

Despite these rumors, Cena remains to be one of the participants in the WWE Live Holiday Tour. There were no reports or changes for the said event which is scheduled on Dec. 26. The Champ is listed in the WWE World Championship Triple Threat Match against AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. This could mean that everything is still on track for his WWE comeback.

McGregor And Rousey At Wrestlemania 33

WWE already unveiled numerous surprises for Wrestlemania 33 including The Undertaker's return and Goldberg's win but there might be more. Rumors that McGregor and Rousey will grace the event continue. However, there is no confirmation whether the two UFC champs will make their way to WWE's ring.

At the moment, McGregor is facing a lot of controversies after the announcement that he gave up his UFC featherweight championship to Jose Aldo. Meanwhile, Rousey is training for her fight with Amanda Nunes for the women's bantamweight championship for UFC 207 on Dec. 30. Although their appearances are still unconfirmed, it could definitely improve viewership for Wrestlemania 33.

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