Google Pixel And iPhone 7 Plus Image Bug Issue: Who Is To Blame?

Are you a Google Pixel user? Chances are you may have encountered the "image bug" issue. If not, then you're a tech enthusiast that has heard about the latest issue regarding the Google Pixel.

Google Pixel's Image Bug Issue

According to reports, some Google Pixel users are experiencing an image bug issue that distorts screenshot sent to the device. It is reported that only screen shots sent from an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cause these distorted screenshots to occur. About what other issues does this bug inflict to the Google Pixel is unknown (if there is).

Google Pixel Owners Asks Google To Solve The Problem

In a written article, when the Google Pixel owners went to Google's support forum to address the problem, a Google support forum employee initially placed the blame on Apple and suggested that they ask help from Apple's support forum instead. As of now, Google is now aware of the growing issue and has been quiet about it, but is rumored to be considering the possibility that the Google Pixel is the one at fault. It is also rumored that Google is creating a program to fix this issue. About when will this "program" be released or if they are considering the possibility that the Google Pixel is to blame, Google has yet to announce it.

Who Is To Blame?

Apparently, tech enthusiasts believe that the latest Android 7.1 is the one to blame for the image bug issue. In their claims, since that Google Pixel phones are currently the only devices to get the Android 7.1 pre-loaded, a compatibility issue may have occurred and has triggered these distorted screenshots. To support this issue, it is reported that a user who possesses an older Nexus 6 installed with the Android 7.1 pre-loaded is said to have faced the same problem and commented that the device is not to blame, but the OS instead. Regarding Google's response from this issue, there has been none.

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