Xiaomi´s On Fire: The Chinese Smartphone Sells Over 2 Billion In The Third Quarter

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has achieved its highest sales ever in India since the company reported that it has sold more than two million mobile devices in the third quarter this year, which started in July and ended in September. Apparently, this incredible increase in sales is reached because of the Xiaomi´s expansion in the offline market and new online partners, in addition to a great manufacturing capacity and a large product portfolio, which have led to a 150 percent growth in the last quarter, compared to the sales in the same period of time last year.

Xiaomi Has Become The Third Largest Smartphone Vendor In India

According to The Indian Express, Xiaom´s India head Manu Kumar Jain, posted a tweet confirming these incredible numbers, and showing that the India smartphone shipments for the first time crossed 30 million in just a quarter. Also, it was revealed that the Chinese smartphone is now in the top five vendors in India, and increased its online share to 31.6 percent thanks to a great performance by important online players primarily from vendors based in China.

Regarding the shipments increase, the Chinese smartphone maker doubled it over the previous quarter and achieved a 7.4 percent market share in India. In fact, the company had already become the third biggest smartphone vendor across the top 30 cities n the country, achieving an 8.1 percent share in it.

The Redmi Note 3 Has Been The Key For The Chinese Smartphone Maker´s Success

Another important detail of Xiaomi´s success in this emerging market is that the Redmi Note 3 is the highest-shipped mobile device for online platforms in the country in any given quarter. Giving this fact, the Chinese smartphone maker claimed that it have sold around 1.75 million units in just five months, which clearly shows how successful this product has been in India.

According to the International Business Times, Xiaomi´s CEO Lei Jun expects that his company become India´s the most important smartphone brand within the next five years. Although it seems like an ambitious goal, the numbers of the Chinese smartphone maker could make the company to increase its power in the country, and start to expand it to the world.

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