The Most Bizarre Social Media Network You Didn´t Know It Exists

Social media network
Believe it or not, there are some social media network that are exclusively dedicated to women that wants to get a breast implant, or people who only work as farmers.
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Of every single innovation that was created after the Internet, the social media network has been one of the most outstanding, giving the fact that these sites allow communicating with almost every single person in the world in the greatest form. However, even when there´s many of this platform that is great and famous, there are some other that almost nobody knows, and are extremely weird. If you don´t believe me, take a look at these cases..

REMCloud: A Social Media Network Dedicated To Dreams

Believe it or not, this is a social media network in which the main subject is dreams, and its main goal is to offer meaningful social interactions centered on it. It works like this: users of this platform share their dreams to the site, and other people would see them and offers a different kind of suggestions about what these dreams could mean.

We´re talking about some Freudian social media network in which people will practically lay on an imaginary couch and explain their dreams to many other people the doesn't know, so instead of a psychologist, the voice of the truth will be many who will tell gave their explanation or their opinion of what you just saw in your dreams. Of course, this will happen if you want to open up with the community, considering that you have private chats to talk about with the connections.

The most particular thing about this particular platform is that you have a word limit when you want to share the dream, which makes it a little bit similar to Twitter in this detail, with the difference that in REMCloud you have 400 characters available for the dream description. The most interesting feature is Dream Mosaic, in which you could see an interactive map that shows what people are dreaming about in different places around the world, which makes you see which are the most common dreams in many nations.

Stache Passions: A Social Media Network Dedicated To Moustache´s Lovers

Let´s be real: if there´s a little section of the web in which we´re going to find a lot of weirdness is date sites, considering that there are many people who usually post information about them that is so bizarre that you commonly think that is a lie. And of course, when you find out it is not, you end up feeling uncomfortable reading that the person in question likes to hear Cannibal Corpse´s songs when is eating...with its raccoon.

Getting to this point, you could possibly think that there´s couldn´t be any dating site with the enough weirdness to be considered as bizarre, but when you find out that there´s one called Stache Passions, and its main niche is...staches, you would probably think twice. It is not a lie, we´re talking about a social media network that caters to mustache maniacs, which means that this could be your favorite place if you want to go out with someone with a serious thing up there, or just to talk about it and have a good time.

Ncludr: The Most Bizarre And Unorthodox Social Media Network

Well, let´s start to say that this social media network no longer exists, so it would be a little bit tricky to include it in this article, but considering how bizarre it was, it is impossible not to mention it. We´re talking about a platform that just before it died, it was known that it was just a big joke about what the other social media sites were offering to its users.

I mean, once you were creating your account you had to answer some question in order to get accepted and go to crazy town. However, the thing is that Ncludr itself created your own profile based on what you answered, so instead of signing as your real name and pic, the profile would be something that doesn´t even have to do with the real life, and of course, every single user was exactly the same case.

The other funny aspect about this bizarre social media network was the way to which you could add a friend, considering that it didn't have anything to do with the usual Facebook way in which you just look for the person in question and send a request. In Ncludr, you were automatically connected with every other user on the platform, which means that you could have more than 10 billion friends.

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