What Will Kate Middleton And Prince William's Child Look Like? Here's A Guess

Geneticist Suretha Erasmus has used her unique skills in rendering what Kate Middleton and Prince William's child(ren) might look like.

The pictures show the royal spawn as a boy and a girl at toddler age, with two more life-like images depicting what a boy or girl born of Middleton and Prince William could look like as adolescents.

Erasmus specializes in working with families to help them predict what their future offspring will look like.

The Daily Mail reports that the South African geneticist believes the royal child will "share a likeness to its paternal grandmother Princess Diana — but not her blonde hair."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first announced that they are expecting back in December 2012. Since then, forensics experts and artists alike have speculated across the globe about what the baby-to-be will look like.

Erasmus believes that if the child is a girl, she will resemble Middleton, particularly when it comes to the Duchess' dark brown hair (as opposed to Prince William's blonde color). Should the baby be a boy, Erasmus believes he will inherit William's mouth, especially when it comes to his teeth and prominent jawline. He will also possess Middleton's "darker, arched eyebrows."

Further predictions by Erasmus include that, whether boy or girl, the child will have blue eyes and will most likely share a great deal of its features with grandmother Princess Diana (aside from, again, her signature blonde hair; dark hair genes are stronger than those that herald lighter hair).

The pictures of the younger incarnations of the possible child show that, if a girl, the baby will have large eyes similar to Middleton's. She will also have the Duchess' "full eyelashes and defined eyebrows."

Should the baby be a boy, he will as a toddler more closely resemble Prince William.

"The teenage girl in the computer-generated image has strong echoes of both Kate and Princess Diana but also shares a likeness to Prince William's first cousins Eugenie and Beatrice," says the Daily Mail.

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