Pokemon Sun And Moon Has A Sad And Tragic In-Game Story

By now a lot of Pokemon Sun and Moon players have discovered some easter eggs hidden in the game and one of them was a sad and tragic love story: Lusamine's.

Yes, Pokemon Sun and Moon's main antagonist has a tragic love story revealed subtly in the game. Unless you are paying attention, you will not notice it. It might also be one of the reasons why this beautiful villain got bitter and became the woman she is now.

The reveal starts with a character named Mohn, the caretaker of Poke Pelago. This secluded island is where you can send your pets to train, take a vacation, or find items.

At first, Mohn seemed like a random and minor character in the game although he's something important in Poken Pelago. Mohn is a hermit who decided to seclude himself from the rest of the Pokemon world.

However, as you go around the Pokemon Sun and Moon maps, especially in the Aether locales, you will hear people mention about a Professor Mohn. According to them, the professor was the one who discovered these ultra wormholes. Even the scientists confirmed that he was the one who started all these obsession with ultra beasts and wormholes.

Then, when you talk to Gladion, he will tell you that it was his father who discovered and confirmed the existence of Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes but he disappeared during an experiment. Lusamine is still looking for him and according to Gladion, his mother even lost her mind looking for her husband.

Until now, the Aether family is still looking for their long-lost father. What would Lusamine do if she finds out that the husband she is looking for all along is actually in Poke Pelago? How about Mohn? Why didn't he return back to his family? Is he suffering from amnesia or is he trapped in the island living his dream? No matter how bad Lusamine might be, we only hope they will find each other back again. Who knows, she might change.

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