‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Spoilers, News And Updates: Is The Department Mole Finally Going To Be Unmasked?

The Special Office Project of "NCIS Los Angeles" had a very difficult time tracking the mole for 2 years now. The investigation has had some difficulties and progress has been at a snail's pace. Granger, Sam and Hetty had been already notified of the violence.

The Mole Poisoned Granger Which Led To His Car Accident

The Undersecretary of Defense, Corbin Duggan, asked for a full investigation at the start of season eight. In "NCIS Los Angeles" Hetty even confessed to being the mole and took one for the team. She additionally gave Duggan a signed confession and got escorted out of the facility. Hetty then assisted Granger with the investigation.

The case regarding the mole worsened when two people were killed just outside of Callen's home. Those who were killed posed as sheriff deputies. But the assailant remained unidentified. The only lead the "NCIS Los Angeles" team has is that the suspect is a woman.

Episode 9 of the "NCIS Los Angeles" current season entitled "Traitor" featured the search for the NCIS mole. This has been mentioned several times before in the current season. That mole has infiltrated the "NCIS Los Angeles" office causing huge damage. This time he causes critical damage. He attempted to kill Granger by poisoning him. This resulted in Granger being involved in a serious car accident.

At Last, The Identity Of The Mole Is Revealed

As Granger still recovers, the "NCIS Los Angeles" team helps with the mole investigation. Eventually, they were successful in uncovering the mole's identity. The mole was a person that no one knew. He turned out to be a common guy who worked in the IT department.

But the sense of danger has been greatly minimized because of this discovery. Since the mole is just an ordinary person, it could have been anyone. Some believed that "NCIS Los Angeles" did not think that it was even proper to give him a lead in or a back story before his unraveling. They say it could have tightened the situation to make his unmasking more dramatic.

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