AT&T Launches DirecTV Now, Users To Stream As Much as 120 Channels On Smartphones, Tablets And Smart TVs

AT&T Launches DirectTV, Users To Stream As Much as 120 Channels On Smartphones, Tablets And Smart TVs
After months of speculation, AT&T finally unveiled DirecTV Now, an internet TV streaming service that buyers can first test with a free seven day trial on various devices such as a smart TV, smartphone and tablet. Photo : AT&T/YouTube

More and more, streaming applications are gaining more popularity, which is why it is no surprise that AT&T has decided to get in on the fun as well. During an event in New York earlier this week, the telecommunications company launched DirecTV Now, its own Internet TV streaming service. The service is virtually available through any device that can connect to the Internet.

The announcement, as noted by The Verge, is coming after months of speculation. The new service from AT&T puts DirecTV Now in competition with the likes of Dish's Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and upcoming services from Hulu and YouTube. The service officially launches on Wednesday, November 30 and is available for as low as US$30.

The US$30 deal, which is called "Live A Little," will provide watches with as much as 60 channels. Meanwhile, there is also "Just Right" and "Go Big," which go for US$50 and US$60 per month and provide 80 and 10 channels respectively. There is also "Gotta Have It," which is a US$70 plan that provides the customer with 120 channels.

However, AT&T also has offerings that make getting the entire service more appealing for the public. For instance, there is a free seven day trial is available for those who are unsure of the service. In addition, the company will throw in a free Apple TV set-top box for those who will pay for three months in advance.

The appeal also covers just how many devices can use the application. Like most of its competition, DirecTV Now is accessible via smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs without a cable box. Furthermore, AT&T will not require interested individuals to sign a long-term contract or any other form of commitment. But of course, the necessity of the service relies also on the partnerships that have been formed.

DirecTV Now will give its customers access to a varied number of channels, thanks to AT&T's agreements with nearly all major networks - with the exception of CBS and Showtime. At this point, however, the company is ready to admit that it does lack a "full DVR" component, which means that users cannot pause and play the service as they wish. However, the telecommunications company has advised that the same feature will be available by next year.

USA Today adds that the service is targeted to appeal to the general public who place a part of their paycheck into pay-TV services. Essentially, the company is able to "address a new audience," said John Stankey, CEO of AT&T's entertainment group. As an added bonus to existing AT&T Wireless customers, watching via DirecTV will not be deducted from their data.

The publication also discusses two other features that will surely appeal to a large group of the public. That is, DirecTV will have a Taylor Swift Now channel, as well as one for Reese Witherspoon. This means that audiences will be able to get original content from the multi-awarded artist as well as content from Hello Sunshine, a channel from Witherspoon and Otter Media.

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