Pokémon GO Gen 2 Update: Release Date Imminent On Dec. 7; New Content Teased; Details Here

With the strings of events Niantic had been brewing in the past couple of weeks, another set of exciting in-game tweaks and new features are bound to hit Pokémon GO. This time, it hugely has something to do with the next generation game. Pokémon GO Gen 2 release has been reported imminent in December and the installment is expected to be packed with new content.

Pokémon GO Gen 2 ­- Release Date Imminent

Release date of new and upcoming games is tricky. Developers always make sure to drop a definite schedule once it is ready. It's no different with Pokémon GO Gen 2. In the wake of Niantic's preparation however, the game's release seems close to reality considering new details on content have been popping out persistently. Recent leak suggested that the next generation game will be released next Wednesday, Nov. 7 following leak that stemmed from a Starbucks email. Said email read: "Niantic is partnering with Starbucks and Generation 2 releases on December 7th."

Pokémon GO Gen 2 - New Contents

Content-wise, Pokémon GO Gen 2 does not promise too much as there are only a couple of tweaks, improvements and new features have been teased. Trading has already been confirmed. However, it remains unknown as to when this new feature on Pokémon GO Gen 2 will be rolled out considering its complexities in terms of coding, testing; not to mention the cost of this development. Expectedly, the trading feature will come out in the next few months after Pokémon GO Gen 2 is released.

In the meantime, regional exclusives have been making rounds lately owing to its configuration. If Niantic is to derive the next generation game from Pokémon's original franchise, regional exclusives will not be impossible. A Reddit user recently had a suggestive post regarding the addition of new Poké habitats which suits well to the nature of a certain region-Delibird for Antarctica, Milktantk for North America, Girafarig for Africa, Smeargle for Europe, Dunsparce for Australia, Hera cross for South America, Qewillfish for Asia, and the list goes on.

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