Samsung Galaxy S8 Update: Upcoming Flagship To Sport Front Camera With Auto-Focus

Selfie has become a household name now and every smartphone manufacturer is trying to improve the front camera, which is why the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is reported to most likely feature auto-focus tech in the front camera. This is not a new feature per say, but it is quite rare in the mobile world.

Adding an auto focus feature to the front camera will improve the image quality and provide better selfies. The current Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature a 5-megapixel front camera with a wide angle f/1.7 aperture lens. It takes good selfies, but definitely not the best.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

According to ETNews, Samsung is planning on including an AF actuator on the front camera in the Galaxy S8. This actuator will help the front camera automatically focus on the subject. Auto-focus in front camera is not a needed feature, but as smartphones get better, selfies have to improve as well.

Samsung has used a 5-megapixel front camera on most of its phones, including recent and previous flagships. As per SamMobile, it is highly possible that the company will bump the camera resolution for its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Adding the feature would mean increasing the size of the camera module and that will take up more space on the phone. The report suggests that Samsung will use a different method to add auto-focus feature. This method will ensure that the module is small and will help keep the smartphone slim.

How Will Auto-Focus Help?

While having the auto-focus feature on the rear camera is very useful, it is not the same with the front camera. However, it can also improve the quality of group selfies and selfies in general.

With an auto-focus front camera, the user can focus on the subject or object to take the best possible selfie. It can also come in handy during video calling, as the user can continuously have the subject tracked. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be announced in the month of February 2017, most likely before the start of Mobile World Congress.

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