Vivo V5 Camera Review: Does Its 20 MP Front Camera Have What It Takes To Be The Number One Selfie Phone?

Wondering about the Vivo V5's camera performance? Here is all you need to know about it:

Front Camera

The front camera is a 20 MP, f/2.0, 1/2.8" sensor size, 1080p. With its 20 MP front camera, it can make every pore, pimple, and dimple seen very clearly. Also, being slightly wider, it is also a great camera for group selfies.The only problem with the front camera is that it struggles and depicts some noise under the artificial light when taking selfies with flash. But in no artificial light scenarios, the front camera's flash faces no problems or whatsoever and can definitely deliver high-quality photos.

There is also a feature called the "beauty mode" that is a given option in the selfie camera. According to the source, one must not use it. Why? It has the power to turn a Tarzan into a Snow White. That's how powerful the front camera is.

Rear Camera

The rear camera is 13 MP with phase detection autofocus and LED flash. When taking pictures in the daytime with or without flash, the pictures are very detailed. In slightly low light conditions without the use of the flash, the quality drops and you can see the noise. In low light conditions, the noise just gets more visible. The only thing that can save the rear camera in low light conditions is when using its flash. But even with its flash, the picture quality taken by the Vivo V5's rear camera in low light conditions is mediocre.

Video Recording

Video recording is 1080p@30fps. About its video recording, the source only used the rear camera for shooting, and based on the video, the Vivo V5 struggled with dynamic range, stabilization, auto-focusing, and it doesn't allow the user to shoot 4k video recording. There was also a slow-mo effect.

The Verdict

Considering the Vivo V5's cameras and video recording, the front camera is the only redeeming factor that it can boast. For its rear camera, it performed really great in the daytime, but in the low light conditions with the use of its flash, it was surprisingly underwhelming even though it was a 13 MP camera. Also, not to mention how bad the video recording was. Overall, the Vivo V5 is really a great smartphone for selfies only.

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