Pixel And Pixel XL Could Be An Outstanding Success And Bring Google $4 Billion In Revenue Next Year

Google's new smartphones Pixel and Pixel Xl could be two of the greatest phone products in the world next year, since is expected that it could bring the tech giant company $3.8 billion in revenues, according to analysis made by Morgan Stanley. Although this doesn't even represent the half of what Apple´s earns with its iPhone, this would set a great start for Google, who´s expected to become a great competitor with its flagships.

Pixel And Pixel Xl Could Sell 3 Million Units

According to the International Business Times, Google could sell about five to six million units of the Pixel and Pixel XL, costing around $749 and $899 next year. Apparently, Morgan Stanley predicts that the tech giant could even sell three million of the Pixel smartphones, which would represent great news for the company and the customers, who will have a new product that is expected to be extraordinary.

Also, another interesting detail is that the Pixel and Pixel Xl will be half profitable for the tech giant just as the iPhone is for the Cupertino company, generating from 22 percent to 25 percent in gross profit. What´s even better for Google´s interests is that while customers spend three times more money on iOS apps instead of Androids, some of the features of the Pixel and Pixel Xl would be very helpful to close this gap.

Features Of The Google´s Smartphones

According to BGR, features as the Pixel and Pixel XL camera, Google assistant, the smartphones´ deeper app integration, improved computing powers and Daydream -which is Google´s virtual reality headset, which works with both the Pixel and Pixel XL- will ultimately lead the consumers to spend more money on Android as it was explained in the research note made by Morgan Stanley.

Although both phones hasn´t started to sell massively in the market, both the Pixel and Pixel XL´ initial reviews have been so positives that it would be a huge surprise of these products doesn´t succeed. Could Apple have a new strong competitor in short term? Is a little bit soon to say, but Google is betting a lot on these products.

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