Pokémon Sun & Moon Guide: Which Route Is The Best Breeding Ground

Pokémon breeding is an essential element for trainers to learn in Pokémon Sun and Moon in order to build your dream team. Producing and hatching an egg allows you to manage the right skills and nature of Pokémon. Here's a guide on how to breed Pokémon, and which route is the best breeding ground for them.

Where Is The Pokémon Nursery

Pokémon Sun and Moon has a Nursery located in Paniola Town on Akala Island. From Heahea City, you can reach the town via north on Route 6. Once you get there for the first time, you'll be rewarded with a free egg. Basically, putting your Pokémon here won't get any experience.

Where Is The Best Breeding Route

As a trainer, you might want to look for a long strip of hi-way where you can hatch eggs in a continuous manner, or without disruptions. You might wonder it's difficult to find it in Alola but there's actually an off-the-beaten track where you can do such activity. In fact, Pokémon Sun and Moon so far has the best egg route in the series.

From the Pokémon Nursery, head over south and take notice of the small gated piece of land beside stacks of hays. Go step inside that piece of land, call your Tauros and begin to run in circles. If you happen to sustain a stable circle, you'll mostly run accordingly without jarring walls. You don't need to change your pace if you find it stable now. Just keep running until you see the people next to Miltank folding their arms. This is your signal that they have a reward for you-an egg. Alight from your ride, get the egg and repeat the process by going back full circle.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are now available via Nintendo 3DS.

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