NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George Being Eyed By Four Teams? Nick Young Of LA Lakers Going To Celtics?

Paul George will not be available for trade before the deadline on February 23. But some NBA trade rumors suggest that there are teams that are keeping their eyes on the star player of the Indiana Pacers as they continue to struggle in the current season. These rumors are now spreading in the league.

The Pacers Are Denying The Trade

Although the Indiana Pacers denied that they are trading George in the near future, some believe that other NBA teams are knocking on the Pacers' door to ask for the availability of George. "I can't say that I've heard that the Pacers would entertain anything, but if other teams are asking the question I think you can safely assume they are calling the Pacers," said Marc Stein in an interview with Lowe Post.

"Larry Bird has been very open about "We'd like to sign Paul George to an extension" and without outright saying it there is nothing going on there," Stein continued. "Paul George has kind of made it clear that he's really not interested in an extension," he added. According to these NBA trade rumors, the four teams involved in this deal are the LA Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Miami Heat.

Are The Boston Celtics Thinking Of Getting Young?

In other NBA trade rumors, the Boston Celtics are reportedly thinking of making big deals as well. But if they are not able to acquire great talents, they are thinking of getting Nick Young from the LA Lakers as a possible option. The Celtics could be working feverishly on a blockbuster deal before the February cut-off date.

They have a lot of talents that could be traded. And since they acquired Al Horford last summer, the Celtics would like to get another star player to improve their chances of reaching the finals. But if they could not achieve their first objective, they could possibly just settle for second-tier players being traded by other teams.

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