PogoCam Wearable Camera Takes Personal Photography To The Next Step

There is new interest brewing with regards to camera glasses and PogoTec is at hand to capitalize on that newfound attention.

Ever since Snap aka Snapchat introduced Spectacles, people have had a new liking for eyewear that does more than protect the eyes and make one look cool or hipster-ish. Spectacles made video-taking more fun and Snap made it even more fun to get one.

PogoTec is taking camera glasses one more step further. While Spectacles take three 10-second videos in a row, the PogoCam will be capable of recording 12 10-second 720p videos. What's more impressive with the PogoCam is that it can take pictures - 100 of them.

"Eyeglasses are arguably the world's oldest, most successful wearable technology," mentioned Richard Clompus, an executive of PogoTec. "PogoCam upgrades this wearable platform with the ability to capture visual memories without the intrusion of holding a camera or looking through a view screen."

PogoCam will look a lot different from Spectacles and even Google Glass. It will utilize the "PogoTrack", a design that steers clear of the circular lens of the 'temples' of Snap's camera glasses. The PogoCam will instead have a "flat one, magnetize it, and then cut away part of the surrounding plastic to expose the metal", as described by The Verge.

The camera part of the PogoCam is not embedded into the frame. Instead, it is slapped on to it with the help of a magnet. If this sounds familiar, it's because Google Glass used the same concept. However, Google Glass was too 'far out' to be used on a regular basis. PogoCam is smaller, about the size of a lipstick, and can easily be removed when people around the user does not want to be recorded o photographed.

One of the PogoCam's drawbacks is that it is not wireless. Spectacles use wireless technology to transfer files while the PogoCam requires a small case that needs to be plugged into a computer.

The PogoCam will sell for $130 and will drop in stores around March next year.

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